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I have an array and I want to search through the array for a string which contains "return to card" or "funding sent to" (which could be in capitals). I need to now which element contains this part so that I can then use the row number (element number) to return another value in that row.

I'd like to do this using arrays (mostly for the learning experience) rather than simply loop through the spreadsheet.

I've been trying for ages! Thank you.

dim mkt as range
dim array() as string
redim array(1 to usedrange.rows.count,0 to 0)
dim values() as single
dim dimensioned as boolean

for i = lbound(array) to ubound(array)
if array(i,0) like "return to card" then
  if dimensioned=true then
  redim values(lbound(values) to ubound(values)+1)
  values(ubound(values)) = usedrange.cells(i,13).value 
    if dimensioned=false then
    redim values(0 to 0)
    end if
  end if
end if

range(cells(2,15),cells(2,15).offset(ubound(values),0).value = values
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do you want: a) get list of all occurrences at once, b) get first one, c) get one by one? by the way- is your code working? is it throwing an exception (which line?) –  KazJaw Jun 2 '13 at 14:09
did you copy and paste this code? because if you did then it looks like you're only making 1 pass. you need a Next to make it move. as of now it checks one time and then quits. –  TKEyi60 Jun 2 '13 at 18:07

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