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I was wondering if it's possible to combine a text search and run a geospatial query on the results / how I would do it. I'm using Mongoose at the moment but don't mind using straight Mongo for the commands.

What I'm trying to do is allow the user to search for a product and return the results that are within a particular location. I have the two commands running separately, but can't figure out how to combine them.

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You can filter a text search by adding a filter parameter (I'm using node-mongodb-native):

db.command({ text: 'thecollection', search: searchString, filter: query }, function(err, o) {

    if (err) throw err;

    var results = o.results.map(function(result) { return result.obj });

    // process the response ...


If it is a rough geographical search you want to do, you can filter your results by defining a min and max around your latitude longitude:

var distances = {'200m': 0.002, '500m': 0.005, '1km': 0.01, '5km': 0.05 }

  , distance = distances[reqDis];

var query = {
  latitude: { $lt: reqLat+distance, $gt: reqLat-distance },
  longitude: { $lt: reqLng+distance, $gt: reqLng-distance }

// put the query in the db.command as described above

Here is something on the subject in the mongodb documentation: http://docs.mongodb.org/manual/tutorial/limit-number-of-items-scanned-for-text-search/

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can I use $lt and $gt operators if the latitude and longitude are stored in an array; something like- loc:[50.433234,20,220123] –  Mukesh Soni Jun 18 at 5:47
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