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I had tried to compile an sbt managed project against Scala 2.10.2-RC2 and 2.10.3-RC1 (the latter isn't published yet, so that didn't go through), only to revert again to scalaVersion := "2.10.0".

Now I have the problem that the published pom.xml does not contain any more the entry for "org.scala-lang" % "scala-library". It simply vanished.

I am using retrieveManaged := true. All libraries are indeed there, and sbt gen-idea does pull the sources and docs for scala-library.jar.

I tried sbt reboot, sbt clean update etc., no luck.

sbt version is 0.12.3. I need the magic reset command to bring this bastard back to reason.

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The mistake was introduced by me already earlier on, using

libraryDependencies <<= version { v => ... }

instead of

libraryDependencies <++= version { v => ... }

So that somehow overwrote the initial settings which has scala-library included.

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