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I encountered an error caused by non-Latin-1 characters used in a given url using sbcl e.g.:

(drakma:http-request "http://www.youtube.com/„weird-url")

#<THREAD "initial thread" RUNNING {1002998D23}>:
  #\DOUBLE_LOW-9_QUOTATION_MARK (code 8222) is not a LATIN-1 character.

Type HELP for debugger help, or (SB-EXT:QUIT) to exit from SBCL.

restarts (invokable by number or by possibly-abbreviated name):
  0: [ABORT] Exit debugger, returning to top level.

 "~S (code ~A) is not a LATIN-1 character."

Apparently Headers are defined to be sent in Latin-1 by RFC2616(this is the ticket I opended at github after encountering this error) and therefore the URL has to be properly encoded before being passed to drakma. But I have no clue how, as apparently it is impossible (as it is no LATIN-1 character) to do so?

What would be the working call for my example (besides the fact that the URL is bogus und could be shortened to http://www.youtube.com)?

(drakma:http-request (magic-encoding-function "http://www.youtube.com/„weird-url"))
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This problem don't concern DRAKMA. It's fault PURI. I use my fork of PURI: https://github.com/archimag/puri-unicode.

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this still does not work correctly as the url that should then be transmitted would be: youtube.com/%e2%80%9eweird-url But the actual send out by Drakma is: GET /%25e2%2580%259eweird-url HTTP/1.1 –  Sim Jun 7 '13 at 19:19

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