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I'm currently using Backbone + RequireJS. In my application, I display a tree widget that is constructed with the same Model with nested Collections. That is to say:


define(['backbone', 'models/foo'], function(Backbone, FooModel) {
    var FooCollection = Backbone.Collection.extend({
        model: FooModel
    return FooCollection;


define(['backbone', 'underscore'], function(Backbone, _) {
    var FooModel = Backbone.Model.extend({

        initialize : function() {

            _.bindAll(this, 'adoptOne', 'adoptAll');

            var self = this;

            // Need to do it this way or RequireJS won't find it
            require(['collections/foos'], function(FooCollection) {
                self.foos = new FooCollection();
                self.on('change:foos', function() {
                self.foos.on('reset', self.adoptAll);
                self.foos.on('add', self.adoptOne);
        adoptAll : function() {
        adoptOne : function(foo) {
            foo.parent = this;
    return FooModel;

The above works. I don't get any errors and everything is constructed as expected. However...

// In a view
this.foos = new FooCollection();
    success : function(foos) {
        var treeView = new TreeView();
        treeView.render(foos); // Doesn't work!!

The above doesn't work because of a sync problem: the TreeView gets rendered before the nested collections have finished creating (either because it takes longer to run the code or because it takes time to load 'collections/foos'.

Either way, I can fix it with this:

setTimeout(function() {
}, 100);

But that, of course, it's just a hack. In a production environment it could take more than 100 miliseconds and the code wouldn't work.

So, I guess that what I should do is to trigger some sort of event that my view listens to. However, my question to y'all is the following: when do I know that the entire collection of foos have been constructed and where do I attach the listener?

Thanks in advance!!

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Maybe you should try something else: stackoverflow.com/questions/4881059/…. –  Loamhoof Jun 2 '13 at 16:58
Why are you trying to instantiate a new FooCollection inside your FooModel's initialize method? That seems like a road to infinite recursion. –  idbehold Jun 2 '13 at 17:04
@Loamhoof I gave 'exports' a try using BackboneRelational and it doesn't seem to work. See this @idbehold It doesn't actually create an infinite loop since FooModel's are only instantiated on reset, set or add. Since I'm only triggering reset, if self.get('foos') is empty, no instantiation is executed. –  Poly Jun 2 '13 at 19:00

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