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I'm new to Orbeon 4.1 and I'm trying to query the Orbeon eXist DB from an external application. When I query for a form instance I keep getting a "not authorized" error. For example:

GET request:



HTTP Error 403 (Forbidden): The server refused to fulfill the request.

Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?


I ended up installing eXist-db as a stand-alone webapp. Now I can query the eXist-db REST API directly and everything seems to be working fine.

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This is because since version 4, services are protected by default, as you most likely don't want your users to be able to access eXist or the persistence services. You can open those services again, but instead, it is better to setup an authorization service, and have whoever calls the services authenticate itself.

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Right now I'm not concerned about security. I edited the local-properties.xml in order open the webservices, but I could not make it work. I ended up installing a stand-alone eXist-db and now I can query the eXist-db services directly. –  santiag0 Jun 13 '13 at 13:31
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