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I've got a scala project that compiles, runs and tests fine when using SBT from the command line. However, when building the project in intellij, it seems every class in the project has this error in the event log, causing the build to fail:

SendCommandToService is already defined as case class SendCommandToService
case class SendCommandToService(service: String, commandName: String, keys: Array[String], values: Array[String])
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Have you tried Build -> Rebuild Project? –  drexin Jun 2 '13 at 20:44
yeah, I tried that. Thanks though. –  Nick Jun 2 '13 at 21:14

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It means there are two compiled classes with identical package and class name found in your classpath. One compiled by sbt, one compiled by IntelliJ.

One of the following should be able to solve the issue:

  1. try to generate IntelliJ .iml file with sbt-idea rather than import directly.
  2. sbt clean before click Build -> Rebuild in IntelliJ
  3. when rebuilding with IntelliJ, make sure sbt is not running
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I had a similar issue repeatedly both within Idea and without: plain SBT.

It turned out that CVS stores copies of some *.scala files in subdirectory CVS/Base, which SBT apparently tries to compile. The problem went away when I deleted the CVS subdirectories.

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I had the same problem and @Max is right, there is a conflict with the compiled classes, but the solution provided didn't work for me. It turns out that I was using sbt-idea to generate the IDEA project structure as a workaround of an Intellij IDEA 14 + scala plugin bug on the SBT import, that is not fixed yet at the time I write this.

In order to fix it, I had to remove src_managed/main/controller that was in conflict with src_managed/main in the Module settings because of an sbt-idea bug. So double-check your module source folders and make sure you don't have subfolders in conflict with a parent folder already declared as source.

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