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I can retrieve the list of photos of an album just fine and yes there are different sizes in the photos array returned, my question however is: is there any way to specify the dimensions of the image you want to return.

Array returned from /photos call

[from] => Array(
    [name] => FB_USER NAME
    [id] => FB_USER ID
[name] => PHOTO NAME
[picture] =>
[source] =>
[height] => 540
[width] => 720
[images] => Array(
    [0] => Array(
        [height] => 1224
        [width] => 1632
        [source] =>

    [1] => Array(
        [height] => 720
        [width] => 960
        [source] =>

    [2] => Array(
        [height] => 540
        [width] => 720
        [source] =>

    [3] => Array(
        [height] => 450
        [width] => 600
        [source] =>
    ... other sizes
    [link] => ALBUM LINK
    [icon] =>
    [created_time] => 2012-10-14T03:52:17+0000
    [updated_time] => 2012-10-14T03:52:17+0000

Is there any way to use the album's cover photo id with the graph /picture api to resize?

Notice how you can do ?width=xxxx&height=xxxx

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You can't.

As this doc indicates, you can only resize pictures, not photos.

  • Pictures are only a way to represent an object, like a profile, an event, a page or an album. Pictures work as simple representation, logo, description or whatever ; this is why they should fit to any kind of displaying.
  • Photos are the photos you will find in an album. These are objects themselves and doesn't need a picture to be represented. I guess the logic wants photos not to be resized, because they shouldn't be denaturalized.

So, you will have to resize these photos yourself. At least, you can choose a dimension for your photo.

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