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I am using this plugin for adding arrow key navigation to a website

Works great! However, sometimes my links are updated via AJAX and then the highlighting disappears. So I started re-initializing the plugin when my links were updated. I noticed this solved the problem, however now I had multiple copies of the plugin running, thus highlighting multiple buttons at once.

I know there isn't a 'built in' destory method in Jquery, but does anyone have any ideas on how to re-initialize a plugin or at least get rid of the old instance running.

You can see the source code of the plugin on GitHub

The plugin code is simple and I believe what I am trying to achieve is simple as well. Thanks!

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The plugin you are using has an update function, call that function as soon as you get the ajax result back. for example

var $keyNav = $('#navigation a').keynav();

and on ajax success


I haven't tested this code but I think it will work.

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Hmmmm. No dice. Any other ideas? I placed some alerts in there and it looks like the update function isn't receiving the call. Maybe a notation thing? –  Gene Ellis Jun 3 '13 at 19:23
Even if there were a way to completely "kill" the object, that's fine. I simply want a new instance, but the old one keeps tagging along. –  Gene Ellis Jun 3 '13 at 20:15
Ok. I got the update function to receive a call, but the highlight doesn't come back. So it looks like a new plugin initializing is t hebest option,but like I said, I can't get the old one to go away. –  Gene Ellis Jun 3 '13 at 21:06

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