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In Magnific Popup, I want to get an attribute in the link that is clicked and use it in a callback function (using callbacks: open) to make some changes in the DOM.

How can I do this? For example, in the code below, it should return 'it works' to console. Instead it prints 'doesnt work'. Please help!!

<a href="#test-popup" class="open-popup-link" myatt="hello">Show inline popup</a>

<script src="jquery.magnetic.custom.js"></script>


    $(document).ready(function() {
        midClick: true,
        callbacks: {
          open: function() {

            if ($(this).attr('myatt')=="hello") 
              // do something 
              console.log("it works");
              console.log("doesnt work");

          close: function() {




<div id="test-popup" class="white-popup mfp-hide">
  Popup content
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6 Answers

First, i recommend to you to use the data attribute ( data-custom="foo" ) or a known attribute.


  <a href="photo.jpg" class="popup" data-custom="dsaad">Do it!</a>
  <a href="photo.png" class="popup" data-custom="mycustomdata">Do it!</a>

jQuery :

  type : 'image',
  callbacks : {
    open : function(){
      var mp = $.magnificPopup.instance,
          t = $(mp.currItem.el[0]);

      console.log( t.data('custom') );

I do not know if a better way exists. Actually you can read their documentation about public methods and you will see there. I tested the code above and everything works fine :)

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To note the above only works for older versions of Magnific Popup. If you are using anything past version 0.9.8 please see @Konpaka answer below. –  Styledev May 23 at 17:15
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For Magnific Popup v0.9.8

var magnificPopup = $.magnificPopup.instance,
              cur = magnificPopup.st.el;
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// "item.el" is a target DOM element (if present)
// "item.src" is a source that you may modify
open: function(item) {}

and use data-attributes, to example data-myatt - that get:

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The clicked element can be accessed within the callback using:


Inside the callback, "this" refers to $.magnificPopup.instance.

Under public properties:

"magnificPopup.st.el // Target clicked element that opened popup (works if popup is initialized from DOM element)"

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Also, inside open: function(item) {}, this.content might help.. It will return the div of the content being shown. useful with the change: function () {} as well. Hope it helps someone like me.

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For v. 0.9.9:


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