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I have the following code to create a Blob out of the canvas toDataURL

dataURItoBlob = (dataURI) -> binary = atob(dataURI.split(",")[1]) array = [] i = 0

while i < binary.length
    array.push binary.charCodeAt(i)
uint = new Uint8Array(array)
new Blob [uint]

This works fine in chrome/ff/opera. But when I tried in my IPAD os 6.1 the new Blob returns [object Uint8Array] Is there a issue in IOS 6.1


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To read Uint8Array you need to refer to buffer.

new Blob([uint.buffer], {type: 'image/jpeg'});

That will fix it in iOS, but also default usage on chrome/ff/opera. My advice is to also add the correct contentType.

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