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I have two wireless access points, one next to the other, the first cover an area and the second one cover another area. If one client authenticates with one AP, it has to authenticates again in the second one.

Both of them are using the same radius (freeradius) server.

Is it possible to get authenticated in both APs in one time? maybe activating the mac authentication in the other AP.

Does any one faced the same problem?

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I have added options "macauth" and "macpassword pass123" in the file chilli.conf. Using this options, chillispot check the macauthentication first, before the uamportal, requiring user/password.

In the radcheck table I have added the MACs as follow | 1829 | 64-A7-69-81-10-ED | Password | := | pass123 | | 1831 | 98-0C-82-96-2F-0C | Password | := | pass123 |

Notice the macpassword is the same as in the radcheck value.

So I have done an script that check the table radacct looking for the users that have been authenticated for the first time, I get the MAC address from that table, and I add an user with the MAC address in the radcheck table. With that, the user only have to authenticate one time, and will be able to connect any AP without being redirected to the uamportal.

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