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Simple question to facebook experienced developers or employees.

Within facebook insights / analytics - what exactly the "Referral Clicks to App" chart reports ?

I am not sure that all of those clicks counts the number of redirects to the applications on any related device/platform. For sure not "facebook canvas app" landed web users nor to mobile applications pages/installs.

This due to following reasons:

  1. Numbers are completely different comparing to google anlytics numbers.
  2. The number of "Accepted oAuth dialogs" doesn't match the accepted ratio if i will consider all those clicks as "redirects to the app"!

I didn't find any open discussions regarding this issue so i am asking for help from experienced developers OR from facebook employees ! Please help to resolve it , thanks !

enter image description here


according to the small tooltip at the left bottom corner of each chart, the "referal clicks to app" chart are actually the clicks on the open graph objects that were created by the app! And they refer nowhere. This make me be even more confused about this issue.

Look on the tooltip

I will wait, may be one day developers of the insights will provide us with more information about each chart !

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