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Hy everyone, here again. Continuing the code from my previous question : Is this a bad hack? memcpy with virtual classes I corrected that, using the Clone approach as suggested, but I'm having an error that also happened before I tried the memcpy thing(read question above).

What I'm trying to do is to create a lambda that captures the current script and executes it, and then pass and store that lambda in an object ( Trigger*), in the member InternalCallback.
I get an access violation error on the lambda assignment: The error happens only at the 4th iteration of this code:

if(CheckHR(EnginePTR->iPhysics->CreateFromFile(physicsPath,StartingTriggerID,trans,scale,-1,false,engPtr)) == HR_Correct)
     _Lua::ScriptedEntity * newScript = EntityBase->Clone(vm);//nullptr;

     string luaPath = transforms.next_sibling().next_sibling().first_attribute().as_string();
         stringstream temp2;
         temp2 << _Core::ExePath() << LuaSubfolder << "\\" << luaPath;
         luaPath = temp2.str();

     newScript->EnginePTR_voidptr = engPtr;

     auto callback = [=](_Physics::Trigger* trigger,PxTriggerPair* pairs, PxU32 count) 

                            auto data = (_Physics::RayCastingStats*)pairs->otherShape->userData;





     ((_Physics::Trigger*)EnginePTR->iPhysics->GetPhysicObject(StartingTriggerID))->InternalCallback = callback;


This is the code for Trigger

class Trigger : public PhysicObject
            ActorDynamic = nullptr;
            ActorStatic = nullptr;
            InternalCallback = nullptr;
        virtual HRESULT Update(float ElapsedTime,void * EnginePTR);
        virtual HRESULT Cleanup(); // Release the actor!!

        long Id;
        ShapeTypes Type;
        static const PhysicObjectType PhysicsType = PhysicObjectType::Trigger;
        PxVec3 Scale;

        void* UserData;
        void Callback(PxTriggerPair* pairs,PxU32 count)

        function<void(_Physics::Trigger* trigger,PxTriggerPair* pairs, PxU32 count)> InternalCallback;

By iteration I mean that is part of a for loop. My system is Win 7 64 bits, Intel i3, NVIDIA GTX 480, and the compiler Visual Studio 2012 Express, using the C++11 toolset. I'm really out of ideas. I tested for heap corruption, it appears to be good, I changed the capture in the lambda, changed nothing, I skip the 4th object and it works. Any help would be really appreciated.

Edit: As required, here is the callstack:

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Uhm - the error doesn't provide a great deal of information, people are going to need to see the callstack in detail. – kfsone Jun 3 '13 at 1:26
The call stack is at the left, but I'll upload a new one with only the call stack – Santiago Pacheco Jun 3 '13 at 13:02

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Solved. It was a design error. I store a lot of objects in a map, and they all derive from an object class ( like above, where Trigger derives from PhysicObject ). The problem was that I was having IDs collisions, so the object stored in ID 5 wasn't a Trigger, so the cast created a bad object, and so the program crashed.

Silly error, really specific, but it might help somebody to remember to check temporal objects.

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