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My project involves creating a new hotel room and 2 tables in my database will update. My tables are called RoomType and RoomFacility.

I can successfully update RoomType, but when I try to update RoomFacility and use RoomTypeID to make a new room facility, it fails. I always get 1 for my RoomFacilityID.

How can I update data for both tables, roomType and RoomFacility?

This is the code for my service to update my database

 public void UpdateFacilityInRooms(List<int> FacilityIDs, int RoomTypeID)
        List<HotelRoomFacility> hotelRoomFacilities =
                            .Where(f => f.RoomTypeID == RoomTypeID).ToList();

        foreach (int newRoomFacility in FacilityIDs)
            if (hotelRoomFacilities.Where(h => h.RoomFacilityID == newRoomFacility).Count() == 0)
                HotelRoomFacility facility = new HotelRoomFacility
                    RoomFacilityID = newRoomFacility,
                    RoomTypeID = RoomTypeID

 public RoomType NewRoom(int HotelID,int? RoomTypeID, 
                        string RoomTypeName, string RoomTypeDescription)
        RoomType room = new RoomType();
        room.HotelID = HotelID;
        room.RoomTypeID = RoomTypeID ?? 0;
        room.RoomtypeName = RoomTypeName;
        room.RoomTypeDescripton = RoomTypeDescription;



        return room;
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You are using Entity Framework, yes? – alexw Jun 3 '13 at 2:26
yes, i'm using EF. – novian kristianto Jun 3 '13 at 2:27
Then I think this question will help you stackoverflow.com/q/7609721/1411687 or maybe this one stackoverflow.com/q/13973836/1411687 – alexw Jun 3 '13 at 3:02
check FacilityIDs. Does it contain more than one element? – Atish Dipongkor Jun 3 '13 at 3:56
This code is pretty confusing. First, is RoomFacilityID the PK on HotelRoomFacility? Can you include the code defining this model? Second, since your repo code isn't included here, the bug could be in the repo code itself, or an adverse interaction with it. – Chris Moschini Jun 3 '13 at 14:51
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 public RoomType UpdateRoom(int RoomTypeID, string RoomTypeName, string RoomTypeDescription, List<int> RoomFacilityIDs)

            RoomType roomType = (from rt in _RoomTypeRepository.AsQueryable().Include(r => r.HotelRoomFacilities)
                                 where rt.RoomTypeID == RoomTypeID
                                select rt).FirstOrDefault();

            if (roomType == null)
                return null;

            roomType.RoomTypeName = RoomTypeName;
            roomType.RoomTypeDescripton = RoomTypeDescription;

            //Add New Room facilities
            List<HotelRoomFacility> hotelRoomFacilities = _HotelRoomFacilityRopository.AsQueryable().Where(f => f.RoomTypeID == RoomTypeID).ToList();
            foreach (int newRoomFacilityID in RoomFacilityIDs)
                if (roomType.HotelRoomFacilities.Where(h => h.RoomFacilityID == newRoomFacilityID).Count() == 0)
                    roomType.HotelRoomFacilities.Add(new HotelRoomFacility
                        RoomFacilityID = newRoomFacilityID

            foreach (HotelRoomFacility roomFacility in hotelRoomFacilities)
                if (RoomFacilityIDs.Contains(roomFacility.RoomFacilityID) == false)


            return roomType;
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