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>>> a=4.
>>> b=3.
r = sqrt(a ** 2 + b ** 2)
x = atan(b/a)
a = r * cos(x)
b = r * sin(x)
k = 0
y = (2 * pi * k + x) /3

root1 = r ** (1./3) * ( cos(y)+ 1j * sin(y) )
root11 = root1**4/root1
>>> root11
>>> print root11

How do I print out this complex number in this '(3.999999999999999+2.999999999999999j)' form? I tried

>>> print '%15f %15fi' % (root11.real, root11.imag)
4.000000        3.000000i

please help

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because print (actually float.__str__) and %15f are rounding the number –  JBernardo Jun 3 '13 at 2:59
Python 3 seems to print (3.999999999999999+2.999999999999999j). –  Mechanical snail Jun 3 '13 at 2:59
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You may also use the new format syntax,

print "{0:.15f}+{1:.15f}i".format(root11.real, root11.imag)
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You should use

print '%.15f %.15fi' % (root11.real, root11.imag)

Notice there is a . before the 15f to format the precision after the decimal. If you do not have the ., you are specifying the field width.

In my machine (Python 2.7.3), The result is:

3.999999999999999 2.999999999999999i
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As one of the comments suggest print root11.__repr__() works perfectly

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