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I currently have a Spring 3 project and what I want to do is retrieve my session when the session expires. I have been doing some research and apparently the HttpSessionBindingListener can handle this although in a Spring project, I can't seem to figure out how to implement this properly. Within my session, I save a UserDetailsImpl object which contains my User object. Should I be implementing the HttpSessionBindingListener on the stated objects?

To be clear, what I want to do is retrieve the user's id from the session object before it expires.

EDIT: Apparently the HttpSessionBindingListener does not work properly in Websphere but it is okay in Tomcat. Are there any other alternatives?

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You can also register listener in web.xml:


And use method sessionDestroyed()

This is detailed describd in this answer: http://stackoverflow.com/a/3720512/516167

Inject Spring Application Context in this Listener like is described in this question:

How to inject dependencies into HttpSessionListener, using Spring?

Other possible solution are described here:

Logout/Session timeout catching with spring security

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