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I have mapinfo file and spatial type is point. I want to know longitude and latitude but in this file not include field to specific describe to longitude and latitude. the CRS is WGS 84/UTM zone 50s (EPSG:32750). I have to export the file (.tab) using ogr but the result is not like a longitude and latitude.

this is the result:

POINT (238339.99924633466 9640080.0006718487)
POINT (238540.00219973351 9640080.0006718487)
POINT (238559.99837215125 9640080.0006718487)
POINT (238580.0027904133 9640080.0006718487)

If I want to get the longitude & latitude from this file is posible?how can?

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You will have to run those points through a conversion to get a "normal" (cartesian) latitude and longitude coordinates from them. OSGeo.org has several libraries available to convert these points and translate them to global latitude and longitude points. FreeGIS.org also has a list of tools that you can sort by language. I believe that "Geo" people prefer to use longitude, latitude when describing points. POINT( longitude latitude )

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