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I have successfully compiled and build ffmpeg library in android after 3,4 days research work.
Now I want to grab frames from video. But I don't know which ffmpeg method with command to be called from java class to grab the all frames. Any one have idea about it? or I want to overlay 2 videos. Is there any direct method available in ffmpeg to merge two videos one over another? If yes, how to call it from java class?

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I have looked all your questions you should accept some more even if not all got answers 2 of 25 is quiet bad ratio. That questions I read had all a little quality problems: You need to add what you have tried and where you have failed. However I know that the topic FFMPEG is very complicated. How ever I think this is a good question even if it is too localizated and also not constructive. Good luck! –  rekire Jun 3 '13 at 4:53

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compile ffmpeg.c and invoke its main() via jni.

For more details see how to Use FFMPEG on Android .

Also refer this github project. And this tutorial too will help you.

I hope this will help you.

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