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I am using following syntax to get value but it is not working , same expression working for a HTTP request but not working for another.


I am evaluating this value in a while loop

'index' is a counter variable

'STU_IDsub' is a variable having actual value

when I use this expression in HTTP Request and use 'View Results Tree' it is evaluating in 'STU_IDsub1' or 'STU_IDsub2' and so on...

while actual value evaluated in DebugSampler are

STU_IDsub1= 36, STU_IDsub2=46 and so on which are correct values, I need these values(36,46...) not STU_IDsub1,STU_IDsub2

what I am doing wrong?

what is the other way to get 'STU_IDsub' 's nth value?

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