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I'm working on a project with 2 other developers and I need to host it online. I need a site to host it for me with features such as version control, and others neat features.

can you suggest any ?

the project is not an open source one.


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I believe XP-Dev, would work well for you, they offer a free plan that has two private projcets. Pricing is here.

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I use They have a free version. One of the nice features is the monthly report that shows you what everyone on your team did.

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BitBucket, with Mercurial-based source control, has private repositories:

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I'm using unfuddle and highly recommend it. It's free for 200MB/2 users. Subversion and Git are supported and the interface is nice and clean.

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A lot of webhosts include these features as part of the normal monthly hosting plans. For example I use and get subversion and trac included.

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