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Here, i'm calling a ajax function for user login. after successful login, i want to refresh a div with content like (Ex. Welcome Mr. User, logout).


<ul id="signup">

<ul id="loginbox">
     <li><label>Enter email address</label><br/><input type="text" class="bookinginput" id="uemail"></li>
     <li><label>Enter password</label><br/><input type="password" class="bookinginput" style="width: 151px;" id="upassword">
     <button class="styled-button-8" style="margin-top: -43px;margin-left: 10px;" onClick="ulogin()">Login</button>


function ulogin()

 var uemail = $('#uemail').val();
 var upassword = $('#upassword').val();
 type: "POST",
 url: "udoologin.php",
 data: {email:uemail, password:upassword}
 }).done(function( result ) {

Here after successful login i'm abale to change div#loginbox with successfull login message, but i want to replace another div#signup also with

<ul id="signup">
       <li>Welcome <?php echo $user?></li>

How can achieve this? can anyone help me.

Thank you, Naresh Kamireddy.

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In PHP when u are printing the result,echo

<li>Welcome <?php echo $user?></li>

joined with a seperator like '|||' or something.

in jquery

done(function( result ) {
 var log=result.split('|||');


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Thank you i didn't tried it, but it will work. –  user2361114 Jun 3 '13 at 8:08

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