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I have this architetture:

I have a thread that continuously monitors the status of a shared variable. I would like to develop a system similar to Objective-C KVO in c++ . In practice, I would like to notify to a thread02 the state change of a variable.

What do you call this kind of pattern?

What is the best way and easiest way to accomplish this?

I thought I can have a method of thread01 addObserver where you pass a function pointer, but I would like to be the thread02 executing the code of this function (when he'll be ready)

Do you have suggestions?

Some examples?

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Although you get a whole framework, you might want to take a look at Qt and it's signal/slot mechanism which provides observability even between threads. –  Michael Starke Jun 3 '13 at 22:55

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It's called the Observer pattern, and was originally described in the Design Patterns book. Examples in C++ exist e.g. at CodeProject.

To solve your threading problems, the callback function you supply to the observed object should act as a signal, which should wake the other thread and tell it to start its work. You could use a condition variable for this signal.

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