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I want to perform string based search on the map in a windows phone 8 app.

On searching on net I got this on msdn website -

            BingMapsTask bingMapsTask = new BingMapsTask();

            bingMapsTask.SearchTerm = "coffee";
            bingMapsTask.ZoomLevel = 2;


But this opens a new window(or app) showing the search results. I have two questions -

  1. How can I get input from the new window, I mean I want that when user would touch any of the search results my app should get its co-ordinate. How to do it ?

  2. Is there any way to perform the search in the app itself ?

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You can use GeocodeQuery to look up the coordinates of a search term.

// Get your current position
var myPosition = await new Geolocator().GetGeopositionAsync(TimeSpan.FromMinutes(1), TimeSpan.FromSeconds(10));

// Define search
var geoQuery = new GeocodeQuery();
geoQuery.SearchTerm = "Seattle, WA";
geoQuery.GeoCoordinate = new GeoCoordinate(myPosition.Coordinate.Latitude, myPosition.Coordinate.Longitude);
geoQuery.QueryCompleted += (s, e) => {
  if (e.Error == null && e.Result.Count > 0) {
    // e.Result will contain a list of coordinates of matched places.
    // You can show them on a map control , e.g.
    myMap.Center = e.Result[0].GeoCoordinate;
    myMap.ZoomLevel = 2;

Note, you need ID_CAP_MAP added for this to work.

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