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I have this piece of code:

var files = (from f in _fileRep.GetFiles()
              where fileID.Contains(f.FileID)
              select f.FileName).ToList();

var destFiles = (from f in _fileRep.GetFiles()
                    where f.FolderID == destFolderID 
                     select f.FileName).ToList();

bool valid = destFiles.Any(x => files.Contains(x));

fileID is int[], and I'm trying to validate if a list of filenames exists where FolderID matches destFolderID when moving files in a database.

I'm getting:

"Unable to create a null constant value of type 'System.Int32[]'. 
Only entity types, enumeration types or primitive types are 
supported in this context."
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It seems that perhaps fileID is null. You can easily convert it to an empty array if it is null using the ?? operator. Also, unless you really need to access items by index, .ToList probably isn't necessary.

You could try this:

fileID = fileID ?? new int[0];
var files = _fileRep.GetFiles().Where(f => fileID.Contains(f.FileID));
var destFiles = _fileRep.GetFiles().Where(f => f.FolderID == destFolderID);
bool valid = files.Join(destFiles, f => f.FileName, f => f.FileName).Any();

Or even this:

fileID = fileID ?? new int[0];
bool valid = 
    (from f in _fileRep.GetFiles()
     join g in _fileRep.GetFiles() on f.FileName equals g.FileName
     where fileID.Contains(f.FileID) && g.FolderID == destFolderID
     select f).Any();
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