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Given the following XML, what Xpath 2.0 query will get me the maximum date for each contact? My goals ito find contacts who haven't been touched in 30 days.

    <touch method='email' date='2002-02-04'>a</touch>
    <touch method='meeting' date='2010-02-04'>b</touch>
    <touch method='phone' date='2001-02-04'>y</touch>
    <touch method='email' date='2009-02-04'>d</touch>
    <touch method='email' date='2012-02-04'>v</touch>
    <touch method='phone' date='2012-02-04'>h</touch>

max((//@date/xs:dateTime(.))) will get me a single maximum date but I'm trying to get three dates.

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Easier version.

You generally do not need to for-in-return for sequences of nodes, as / does the same.


and to find the contact before a limit:

/contacts/contact[max(.//@date/xs:dateTime(.)) < '2013-05-04']
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Nice. For some reason I need to cast '2013-05-04T00:00:00' as a dateTime for it to work in my environment, but it works. –  GGGforce Jun 3 '13 at 14:06

Use for as you want to get the maximum value for each contact

for $x in /contacts/contact return max($x//@date/xs:dateTime(.))
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I need to get contacts who haven't been contacted after a certain date. Taking your xpath above, I've come up with for $x in //contact return max($x//@date/xs:dateTime(.))[. < '2013-05-04']. But then how do I get the name of the contact? –  GGGforce Jun 3 '13 at 11:31

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