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How to get user profile image using Twython?

I see show_user() method, but instantiating Twython with api key and secret + oauth token and secret, and calling this method returns 404: TwythonError: Twitter API returned a 404 (Not Found), Sorry, that page does not exist.

Calling same method from Twython instantiated w.o api/oauth keys returns 400: TwythonAuthError: Twitter API returned a 400 (Bad Request), Bad Authentication data.

I also tried to GET user info from, and got 400 as well.

I would appreciate a working example of authenticated request to twitter api 1.1 . Can't find it on twitter api reference.

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You need to call the show_user method with the screen_name argument

t = Twython(app_key=settings.TWITTER_CONSUMER_KEY,

print t.show_user(screen_name=account_name)
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yep, you are right. yesterday i used another endpoint (get_mentions_timeline) in same way. – Neara Jun 21 '13 at 8:42

All Twitter API v1.1 endpoints require authentication.

This example is correct: Twitter API/Twython - show user to get user profile image

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I solved my issue, following way:

    api = ''
    args = {'screen_name': account_name}
    t = Twython(app_key=settings.TWITTER_CONSUMER_KEY,
    resp = t.request(api, params=args)

this returns a json respons, see twitter docs. So in my case: resp['profile_image_url_https'] gives the url to user profile image in normal size for twitter, which is 48px by 48px.

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Here is How i did it using twython for getting user details (Python 3). You can refer all the key id's of the Json here:

from twython import Twython

APP_KEY = 'xxxx'
APP_SECRET = 'xxxxx'
OAUTH_TOKEN = 'xxxx'


details = twitter.show_user(screen_name='lyanaz')
print (details['profile_image_url']) #Prints profile image URL
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From the examples here :

from twython import Twython

# Requires Authentication as of Twitter API v1.1

avatar = open('myImage.png', 'rb')

This actually changes the avatar but it should get you started.

Also here's how to properly authenticate:

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I dont want to update profile image, just to get the link to it. An i already have a proper authentication process. – Neara Jun 3 '13 at 12:55
You said you wanted "a working example of authenticated request to twitter api 1.1". That's what I gave you. – pypat Jun 3 '13 at 13:04
already authenticated, not how to authenticate a user, not oauth dance. how looks a request with all the tokens? how might look a request though urllib or requests lib to twitter api, for already authenticated user? – Neara Jun 3 '13 at 16:08

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