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I have a codebase that makes a heavy use of get and get-in for nested forms. I want to be able to use native javascript objects too, without (much) code rewrite.

js> cljs.user.o = {foo: 42}  // in js console

cljs.user> (get o "foo") ; => 42 ; in cljs console

Since I only query the forms, but don't modify them, I thought it would be enough to implement get (which get-in relies on). Here is my attempt,

(extend-protocol ILookup
    (-lookup [m k] (aget m k))
    (-lookup [m k not-found (or (aget m k) not-found)))

It seems to work, but it breaks a lot of things in a strange way.

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You're modifying the Object prototype, you don't want to do that, the following is better:

(extend-protocol ILookup
  (-lookup [m k] (aget m k))
  (-lookup [m k not-found] (or (aget m k) not-found)))
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just a perfect answer to my unclear question :) –  Adam Schmideg Jun 5 '13 at 12:21
@tomconnors No need to add text for reviewers to remove; you can just add some  s –  Adi Inbar Nov 22 '13 at 0:01
oh, hadn't thought of that, thanks! –  tomconnors Nov 22 '13 at 1:30

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