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I have a ViewPager with four fragments. Users fills in data on the first fragment, hits a button, data goes to sqlite. The other three fragments is then used to display the data in the sqlite DB in various ways. The first one being just listing them in a listview. Problem is the data does not get updated on the fragments, until I get to the last fragment screen en swap back. So I was thinking it's maybe something to do with setOffscreenPageLimit which I set to


in the onCreate of my ViewPager, does not seem to have any affect. Then I thought override onPageSelected and in there add


This works, however the swipes between the fragments is sluggish. If I take it out again and swipe this the last fragment and then the fragments update, it's very quick. Anyone got any ideas?

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I am not familiar with the ViewPager, however, every time you call notifyDataSetChanged() the pager will fetch the data from the DB.

Instead of updating the cursor every time the page changes, I would recommend creating a function to check if the dataset has actually changed before making a call to notifyDataSetChanged(). This way you will only have a performance penalty when a user changes data on Page1, but from there onward all page swipes would be instant, until the data is changed again.

Hope this helps your problem.

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In order to slide fragments smoothly, run long-to-execute code in onCreateView() with some delay, for example, 150-250ms.

Transition animation is executed is UI thread, so if you run anything else taking significant time (SQLite db access, for example), in the same time, smoothness of transition suffers.

YourFragments extends Fragment {

Handler mHanlder = new Handler();

  public void onCreate(...){

  mHandler.postDelayed(someRunnable, 250);

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Not sure this is the correct way to do it, need to investigate it a little more. It's interesting how if you swipe to a fragment off screen and back to the fragment with the listview it's updated very, very quickly, and that's what I want, just off the first swipe :) –  daemonza Jun 3 '13 at 12:29

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