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I want to make OHLC chart in javaFx. I have seen esemble program given in oracle but it does not give OHLC chart example. I have gone through candlestick chart but what I need is ohlc charts http://www.cesix.inifap.gob.mx/frutalestropicales/map/anychart/help/docs/img/Samples/Sample-Single-Series-OHLC-Chart.png

Please if anyone has any idea or any example anything, please help.

thank you

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Seems, OHLC charts don't exist for JavaFX 2.+.

And they are not planned for javafx 8+.

So you need to develop them yourself, or wait for/look for third-party solution.

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is there any other way to do it with javafx, I have candlestick code. Am trying with css to do it. –  learner Jun 3 '13 at 12:18
I think, you are trying right. If they are mathematically equivalent, you can reach the success. Possibly, you will have to patch the code of candle stick chart for that. –  Alexander Kirov Jun 3 '13 at 12:49

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