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I think this is just simple, but I have no idea, how to load an existing panel on Tree ItemClick in the region of a viewport!?

TreeController snipped

init: function() {
        'treemenu': {
            itemclick: function(view, node, record, item, index, e ) {
                if(node.isLeaf()) {

            itemexpand: function (t,e){


Viewport snipped:

    region: 'center',
    layout: 'fit',
    items: [{
        xtype: ''


The GridPanel:

Ext.define('MyProject.view.FlyerGrid', {
    extend: 'Ext.grid.Panel',
    alias: 'widget.flyergrid',
    border:'0 0 0 0',
    title:'Flyer Übersicht',
    bbar: Ext.create('Ext.toolbar.Paging', {
        //store: store
    columns: [
        { text: 'Typ',  dataIndex: 'type',flex:1 },
        { text: 'year',  dataIndex: 'year' ,flex:1},


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just a hint: to get more response always use at least the extjs tag along with the specific version tag. The other tabs you used are more or less worthless – sra Jun 4 '13 at 9:38
OK, thanks for the hint! – Zwen2012 Jun 6 '13 at 12:58
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First define a ref that will fetch the panel and the view

refs: [{
    ref: 'panel',
    selector: 'panel[region=center]' // you might give the panel a itemId instead of using region=center

and a controller method that will add the view

showPanel: function(view, node, record, item, index, e ) {
    if(node.isLeaf) {
        var grid= this.getFlyerGrid();
        if(!grid) {

As a alternative way for the ref you can also use Ext.ComponentQuery let's say if you need a grid for each record Id and remove a old

showPanel: function(view, node, record, item, index, e ) { 
    if(node.isLeaf) {
        var grid= Ext.ComponentQuery.query('flyergrid[]');
        if(!grid) {
            var panel = this.getPanel();

Update your control

        'treemenu': { itemclick: this.showPanel}

Please note that all this code is untested and should just show you the trick.

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THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! – Zwen2012 Jun 4 '13 at 11:35

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