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Do nginx's sites consume resources when they are not accessed? I have a very weak VPS and would like to (apart from my portfolio) host a few development versions of websites I am working on (running Ruby on Rails).

My question is simple: Can I do that? Say I'll have ~10 RoR websites running via nginx and passenger, each with about 2-5 visits per day. Is a very weak VPS enough for that?

Just to clarify, very weak means 15 GB HDD, 512 MB RAM, 1 proc. running Ubuntu 12.04.

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Short answer: no it doesn't.

Long answer:

  • Nginx consumes a few kilobytes per virtual host in order to store their configuration in memory. Even with a weak VPS, this is as good as nothing.
  • By default, Phusion Passenger starts your apps when they're first accessed, and shuts them down when they're not used for a while, subject to the constraints imposed by passenger_min_instances. Furthermore, Phusion Passenger ensures that no more than passenger_max_pool_size processes exist, so if you access 3 apps then Phusion Passenger will shutdown the first one so that it can spawn the third one. This keeps your memory usage in check, at the cost of performance.
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You can and you must. :) nginx save much resources of you VPS. Use it for statics and as reverse proxy and you be pleased.

P.S. You have ok VPS. It can be used for ~500-800 hits per minute.

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