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I'm looking at this PHP code for doing a signal trap:

SIGTERM for 'kill' default of -15
SIGINT for control-c
    declare(ticks = 1);

    pcntl_signal(SIGTERM, "signal_handler");
    pcntl_signal(SIGINT, "signal_handler");

    function signal_handler($signal) {
        switch($signal) {
            case SIGTERM:
                print "Caught SIGTERM\n";
            case SIGKILL:
                print "Caught SIGKILL\n";
            case SIGINT:
                print "Caught SIGINT\n";

    while(1) {

Can SIGKILL be equated to a number option to the 'kill' command such as 'kill -9'? If not, what conditions would cause a SIGKILL signal? Thanks!

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not from PHP background, but yes its possible here is one example –  Grijesh Chauhan Jun 3 '13 at 11:49

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Yes, signal 9 is SIGKILL. You can run kill -l and see the list of signals with their number (the man page signal(7) has also more information).

However this case is useless. SIGKILL cannot be caught by a signal handler (the man page has the details). So there is no point in having it in the switch statement.

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Yes, you are right. "kill -9" will equates to SIGKILL. From kill man pages:

"Alternate signals may be specified in three ways: -9 -SIGKILL -KILL."

Also, if you look at man 7 signal:

           "SIGKILL       9       Term    Kill signal"

So, yes - "kill -9" will emit a SIGKILL signal.

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