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I am having some trouble running a program on Eclipse (Eclipse Juno and Android SDK, both latest versions). When I click on run, the only option is "Run Configurations." There I edited the target to Android 4.2.2 API Level 17 but when I entered to run, the following was printed in the console:

   [2013-06-03 14:42:12 - hello world] Android Launch!
   [2013-06-03 14:42:12 - hello world] adb is running normally.
   [2013-06-03 14:42:12 - hello world] Could not find hello world.apk!

I also tried possible solutions, some of which were given on this website:

  1. Checking off "Is Library" under Projects --> Properties --> Android (on left side). Mine was unchecked to begin with.

  2. Deleting R.Java under Gen folder. Again, was not there at all in my case.

  3. Restarting Eclipse and/or closing Eclipse and then manually re-opening it.

  4. Changing the target to the only other available option, (Google API) API Level 17.

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R.java missing will prevent the Project from being built. One of the reasons that it is missing is that you have wrong resource naming. Check that your resource names only have small letters, digits & underscore.

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Thanks for the response. I renamed the file so that it only has small letters (it used to some capital letters) but the output was exactly the same. –  user2447636 Jun 3 '13 at 13:13
I mean all your resources names (files under /res folder). Try Project -> clean and build your project afterwards. –  Mohamed_AbdAllah Jun 3 '13 at 14:03
Do you find the R.java file after this action? –  Mohamed_AbdAllah Jun 3 '13 at 14:04

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