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I installed hottowel. Modified Shell.html as below

<section id="content" >
     <!--ko compose: {view: 'master'} --><!--/ko-->

In master.html file i call another html file called search.html

<section >
        <div id="SearchDetails">
                 <!--ko compose: {view: 'search'} --><!--/ko-->


It loads search.html fine. But it is not calling my restservice which i have written search.js as below

define(['services/dataservice'], function (dataservice) {
var productVersionData = ko.observableArray();
var initialized = false;
var vm = {
    activate: activate,
    productVersionData: productVersionData

return vm;

function activate() {
    alert(" i am hit");
    if (initialized) { return; }
    initialized = true;
    return refresh();

function refresh() {
    return dataservice.getProductVersionPartials(productVersionData);


In my shell.js i am calling all view models like below

define(['durandal/system', 'durandal/plugins/router', 'services/logger'],
function (system, router, logger) {
    var shell = {
        activate: activate,
        router: router

    return shell;

    //#region Internal Methods
    function activate() {
        return boot();

    function boot() {
        log('Hot Towel SPA Loaded!', null, true);
        return router.activate('master');

    function log(msg, data, showToast) {
        logger.log(msg, data, system.getModuleId(shell), showToast);


I put debugger statement, console.log statements inside search.js but it is not somehow loading search.js. That is why it is not calling my service defined in dataservice. What could be issue?

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Your problem is the change you made in the shell.html file within the content section. Make the following change and your 404 should go away:

<section id="content" class="main container-fluid">
    <!--ko compose: {model: 'viewmodels/master', activate: true} -->

I'm not familiar with the config.js pattern you're using, but I would think you'd want to go back to the using the router for dynamically setting the model parameter in shell.html and configure the activated route in the shell.js boot function that comes with the Hot Towel template.

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i have changed my question. Now i dont use config.js but use router.mapNav. But somehow it is not loading search.js file. Please see more details in my question. Sorry about it. – DevelopmentIsMyPassion Jun 7 '13 at 7:51
Any idea? Please help – DevelopmentIsMyPassion Jun 9 '13 at 21:26
I am sorry but honestly i solved the issue even before you had answered. Many thanks for your efforts so +1 for you – DevelopmentIsMyPassion Jun 11 '13 at 4:37

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