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Just a question about dealing will null values in a query.

For example I have the following table with the following fields and values


I'm passing a variableY on a specific procedure. Inside the procedure is a cursor like this

      CURSOR c_results IS
      SELECT * FROM TABLEX where column2 = variableY

now the problem is variableY can be either null, A, B or C if the variableY is null i want to select all record where column2 is null, else where column2 is either A, B or C.

I cannot do the above cursor/query because if variableY is null it won't work because the comparison should be

      CURSOR c_results IS
      SELECT * FROM TABLEX where column2 IS NULL

What cursor/query should I use that will accomodate either null or string variable.

Sorry if my question is a bit confusing. I'm not that good in explaining things. Thanks in advance.

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Either produce different SQL depending on the contents of that parameter, or alter your SQL like this:

WHERE (column2 = variableY) OR (variableY IS NULL AND column2 IS NULL)
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beat me by a second :) –  Randy Jun 3 '13 at 12:20
thanks a lot Lasse! worked perfectly! thanks everyone who helped. :) –  user2447740 Jun 3 '13 at 12:58

Try using the ISNULL() function. you can check if the variable is null and if so, set a default return value. camparing null to null is not really possible. remember: null <> null

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May not be appropriate depending on the data you're looking at, but one trick I've seen (and used) is to compare NVL(fieldname,somenonexistentvalue).

For example, if AGE is an optional column, you could use:

if nvl(table1.AGE,-1) = nvl(table2.AGE,-1)

This relies on there being a value that you know will never be allowed. Age is a good example, salary, sequence numbers, and other numerics that can't be negative. Strings may be trickier of course - you may say that you'll never have anyone named 'xyzzymaryhadalittlelamb" or something like that, but the day you run with that assumption you KNOW they'll hire someone with that name!!

All that said: "where a = b or (a is null and b is null)" is the traditional way to solve it. Which is unfortunate, as even experienced programmers forget that part of it sometimes.

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You could use something like:


(COALESCE takes the first non NULL value)

Note this will only work when you the column content cannot be '' (empty string). Else this statement will fail because NULL will match '' (empty string).

(edit) You could also consider:

SELECT * FROM TABLEX WHERE COALESCE(column2, 'a string that never occurs') = COALESCE(variableY, 'a string that never occurs')

This will fix the '' fail hypothesis.

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