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Suppose I have 3 tables: A(aid, ...), B(bid, ...) Relationship(aid, bid, ...) Then I have a aid as parameter, I want to get the result from b. If use SQL, will be like

select b.* from B join Relationship on =
where relationship.aid = aid_param

how to write linq with same result as above SQL. (the foreign key was not created correctly in this case)?

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Assuming that you've used the designer to add your tables to the LINQ data context and you have either foreign key relationships defined in the database or have hand-coded the associations in the designer, you should simply be able to reference the B table and it's EntitySet of Relationship properties, filtered by your parameter, and check if there are any matches.

var relationships = db.B.Any( b => b.Relationships.Where( r => r.aid == aid_param ) );
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@tvanfosson he wants to select B (like in my answer), not the relationship. – eglasius Nov 6 '09 at 19:22
Oops. I've updated to select any B which has matching relationships. – tvanfosson Nov 6 '09 at 19:31
var bQuery = from r in MyContext.Relationship
             where r.aid == aid_param
             select r.B;

If you don't have a relationship set in the model, then u can:

var bQuery = from b in myContext.B
             where myContext.Relationship
                .Any( r => r.aid == aid_param && ==
             select b;
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var output = from b
from Relationship
where ( =,
relationship.aid = aid_param)

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