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I'm new to statistics, is there any way through which codes written in R statistics software be called from java library. I got some idea about JSC - "Java Statistical Class", but still not finding the way.

I found this under stackexchange: Open source Java library for statistics at the level offered by a graduate statistics course

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You can use RCaller I am working on this at the moment and some things work, some don't but it is worth a try.

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ok, is it better than RJava –  Aman Chawla Jun 13 '13 at 17:01

Probably rJava is the library you need.

The JRI component (formerly an independent project) lets you execute R functions from within Java. You'll have to translate your original R-code to your Java code using JRI's api, but that's reasonably straight-forward and the library performs fast.

You can install rJava from within R or on ubuntu as a package via apt.

I would be careful with the Java Statistical Classes. For me it calculated nonsense in some cases, so better cross-check the results with R should you decide to use that one.

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ok, thanks for your information :) –  Aman Chawla Jun 11 '13 at 4:22

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