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I am trying to implement a Solr Facet search with multi-select on a field. To take this example: http://docs.lucidworks.com/display/solr/Faceting#Faceting-LocalParametersforFaceting, I would like to generate this call to solr:


I am not sure how to call this using solrj (java) as I don't want to add a simple filed but I need to include the tagging and excluding (!tag=dt and !ex=dt). Any ideas what the java code should look like?

I am using Spring-Data-Solr which seems to be too basic to make such an advance call. So I think I need to go a level lower and use solrj. Either solution would be great (solrj or spring-data-solr)

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The following block should create the querystring you want.

SimpleFacetQuery query = new SimpleFacetQuery(new SimpleStringCriteria("mainquery"))
  .addFilterQuery(new SimpleQuery(new Criteria("status").is("public")))
  .addFilterQuery(new SimpleQuery(new Criteria("{!tag=dt}doctype").is("pdf")));
query.setFacetOptions(new FacetOptions("{!ex=dt}doctype"));

solrTemplate.queryForFacetPage(query, YourBean.class);
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With link I can do this :-

ModifiableSolrParams params = new ModifiableSolrParams();
params.add("fq", "{!tag=dt}doctype:pdf");
params.add("facet.field", "{!ex=dt}doctype");
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