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I have 2 worksheets: Summary and SERVER-ONE.

In cell A5 on the Summary worksheet, I have added the value SERVER-ONE.

Next to it, in cell B5, I would like a formula that uses the value in A5 to display the value of G7 in the worksheet of the same name (SERVER-ONE).

I could manually use:


However I would like this to be dynamic, so I can easily add more worksheets.

I tried the obvious with no joy:


Any suggestions?

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You can use the formula INDIRECT().

This basically takes a string and treats it as a reference. In your case, you would use:


The double quotes are to show that what's inside are strings, and only A5 here is a reference.

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INDIRECT is the function you want to use. Like so:


With INDIRECT you can build your formula as a text string.

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Guess you tested it but i used this with fixed cell a5 $A$5 and fixed element of G7 as $G7


Also works nested nicely in other formula if you enclose it in brackets.

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