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I am using Sync Framework 2.1. I am implementing conflict handling but I don't understand why it is not working:

Here is my conflict handling code:

public void OnErrorOccured(DbApplyChangeFailedEventArgs e)
    if (e.Conflict.Type == DbConflictType.LocalUpdateRemoteUpdate)
        int remoteValue = (int)e.Conflict.RemoteChange.Rows[0][e.Conflict.RemoteChange.Columns["MyValue"]];
        int localValue = (int)e.Conflict.LocalChange.Rows[0][e.Conflict.LocalChange.Columns["MyValue"]];

        if (remoteValue > localValue)
            // Overwrite only MyValue column
            e.Conflict.LocalChange.Rows[0][e.Conflict.LocalChange.Columns["MyValue"]] = remoteValue;

            e.Action = ApplyAction.RetryApplyingRow; // Retry with new changes
            // Same conflict will be raised again and again and again
            // Overwrite entire local record
            e.Action = ApplyAction.RetryWithForceWrite;
            // The else is working properly

I have also tried to make e.Conflict.RemoteChange equal to e.Conflict.LocalChange to merge all values to both DataTables:

// Overwrite only MyValue column
e.Conflict.LocalChange.Rows[0][e.Conflict.LocalChange.Columns["MyValue"]] = remoteValue;

// Copy rest of all columns
e.Conflict.RemoteChange.Rows[0][1] = e.Conflict.LocalChange.Rows[0][1];
e.Conflict.RemoteChange.Rows[0][2] = e.Conflict.LocalChange.Rows[0][2];
e.Conflict.RemoteChange.Rows[0][3] = e.Conflict.LocalChange.Rows[0][3];

Bot also that does not help.

- What is wrong in my code?
- I haven't found any good examle using RetryApplyingRow. Can you provide?

Thanks in advance!

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try updating the RemoteChange and set the conflict resolution to RetryWithForceWrite –  JuneT Jun 4 '13 at 8:42
@JuneT unfortunately thats also not working. Even if I change all columns to null in RemoteChange, RetryWithForceWrite will take the normal values from the remote side. It looks like I need to change it somewhere else. –  hwcverwe Jun 4 '13 at 12:31
You're updating the RemoteChange from the conflict object right? Yes, that will not work. By remote change I meant the actual change dataset. That should have read Remote Change instead of RemoteChange which is the same as in your code. I.e., e.Context.Dataset.Tables[yourtablename]. grab the pk of the row from the conflict object, locate it on the context dataset and update it from there. –  JuneT Jun 4 '13 at 13:22
Yeah that works. Thanks!! But it doesn't feel right to be hounest. First This way only solve the conflict locally (Resolution is not detected as a change so server and client are not equal anymore). Second its a RetryWithForceWrite (overwrite local) instaed of Retry again after solve (It looks like RetryApplyingRow is meant to apply your merged resolution). I still don't have an answer how RetryApplyRow supose to work. Do you know? –  hwcverwe Jun 4 '13 at 14:42
RetryApplyingRow is normally used for errors, like for example, a locking issue, you can retry applying it after a while when a lock has been released. or maybe data issues, let's say the target table has a not nullable column and the row to be applied has a null value... –  JuneT Jun 5 '13 at 10:45

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