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I'm developing an Android app where I'm fetching a few images/videos from a server. I want to cache the info downloaded on disk but when I'm trying to put a new data to cache a error occurs and I don't know why because the key seems to be ok. Here's the stack trace:

    06-03 18:27:38.942: E/AndroidRuntime(10893): java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: keys must match regex [a-z0-9_-]{1,64}: "mYUb5gz5gx"
06-03 18:27:38.942: E/AndroidRuntime(10893):    at com.jakewharton.DiskLruCache.validateKey(DiskLruCache.java:633)
06-03 18:27:38.942: E/AndroidRuntime(10893):    at com.jakewharton.DiskLruCache.edit(DiskLruCache.java:421)
06-03 18:27:38.942: E/AndroidRuntime(10893):    at com.jakewharton.DiskLruCache.edit(DiskLruCache.java:416)
06-03 18:27:38.942: E/AndroidRuntime(10893):    at com.licenta.mementoapp.utils.DiskLruImageCache.put(DiskLruImageCache.java:69)
06-03 18:27:38.942: E/AndroidRuntime(10893):    at com.licenta.mementoapp.datafragments.PhotosFragment$1$1.done(PhotosFragment.java:92)

Doesn't the key ="mYUb5gz5gx" match the regex?

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No, it doesn't. Your key contains capital letters. Only lowercase is allowed!

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By the way I noticed the nice Stracktrace, which completely explains everything. You don't need to look at the code to find out, what's going wrong. –  vRallev Jun 3 '13 at 15:54
The problem was that I couldn't understand why the key didn't match the regex. I wasn't paying attention what the regex was! –  Alin Jun 3 '13 at 16:05
No, the comment shouldn't be offending. I also needed to look twice. I'm also used to using uppercase and lowercase the same time. –  vRallev Jun 3 '13 at 16:10
I also wanted to ask you - is there a way to iterate over a DiskLruCache - to get all the keys for example? –  Alin Jun 3 '13 at 16:33
No, I didn't see any method. But you could easily extend the implementation. –  vRallev Jun 4 '13 at 5:50

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