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Hi all I use the javascript with the timer option. In that i added the innerHtml text.

   if(get_option('popup_delay_auto')=='1') { ?> function countDown(i) {
             var int = setInterval(function () {
           document.getElementById("ptechsolinside").innerHTML = "You Must Wait Until the Timer Ends " + i;

        i-- || clearInterval(int) || jQuery('#ptechsolfb').stop().fadeOut('medium') ; 
         //if i is 0, then stop the interval
    }, 1000);
countDown(<?php echo get_option('popup_template_count');?>);

<?php } ?>

I used this code for the timer of 25 seconds after that its shows the content. I added the text as You Must Wait Until the Timer Ends .When I using the innerHtml it replace the original content from the div of #ptechsolinside and add the You Must Wait Until the Timer Ends is came up. I am not sure what i did mistake. Now I want to show both existing content and current content. How can i do this is it possible any suggestions would be great.

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why don't you just show your text, and set an timer to hide it after 25 seconds ? there's no point refreshing the text if you don't specify the time left in it... –  Bartdude Jun 3 '13 at 16:15
Do you mean you want to append the text to the innerHTML instead of overwrite it? If so, try changing .innerHTML = to .innerHTML += –  Pudge601 Jun 3 '13 at 16:15
that's what should happen. assigning to .innerHTML replaces the ENTIRE contents of that node in the DOM tree. –  Marc B Jun 3 '13 at 16:16
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