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Hi I need to be able to click a special menu link on the homepage and have it open a page with an accordion open to a different section other then the one that is normally active (0) when you visit the page from the default (different) menu link. I am pretty new to jQuery but I think I can follow proposed solutions.


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What I can think of, is that you can send a var via your URL and GET it in the target page, and depending on the value of this var, you open/close whatever accordion section you want. For a javascript function to get values, you can do something like this:

function getUrlVars() {
var map = {};
var parts = window.location.href.replace(/[?&]+([^=&]+)=([^&]*)/gi, function(m,key,value) {
	map[key] = value;
return map;


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so if my link is /administrative.html?acc=4 then it should pass 'acc' = 4 to getUrlVars...then what is the js to activate the panel? "what goes here?" .accordion ('activate' , 4) –  Keith Lyon Nov 8 '09 at 4:26
I also did an alert(getUrlVars); and no pop up box was returned. –  Keith Lyon Nov 8 '09 at 4:54
try : var map = getUrlVars(); alert(map['acc']); –  Soufiane Hassou Nov 8 '09 at 18:26

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