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Hi i started using osTicket for my helpdesk and i was able to do the Email pipe successfully, but even if the ticket is created, the user receives: Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender.

In osTicket it says to change de exim document, but i have WHM and i don't know how to change it. Can someone tell me how to change the following using the WHM editor

 driver = pipe

 driver = pipe
 group = "${lookup{$domain}lsearch* {/etc/userdomains}{$value}}"
 user = "${lookup{$domain}lsearch* {/etc/userdomains}{$value}}"

i need to change the return_output to return_fail_output

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Sounds like you need to change your EXIM config file. In WHM, you can go to: Service Configuration -> Exim Configuration and click on 'Advanced Editor' (at the bottom) to have access to it.

I will warn to be careful in there as it may cause issues, but that's where it looks like you'll want to put your rules and such.

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