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Inside common lisp, I have a variable 'name' defined as:

(setq name ':length-1)
 >> :length-1

Now I want to make a plist using this variable and I want it to look like:

(:length-1 10)

Is there a way to define the key of the plist using another defined variable?

I have tried 'format' but that gives me a string and not the symbol:

(list (format nil ":~a" name) 10)

but this gives me:

(":lifting-surface" 10)
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This should do it:

(list name 10)

But if you're getting ":lifting-surface" rather than ":length-1" when you use format, you must have changed the value of name.

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It looks like you are trying to make a keyword symbol from a string, I would suggest the make-keyword function from the alexandria library which looks like this:

(defun make-keyword (name)
  "Interns the string designated by NAME in the KEYWORD package."
  (intern (string name) :keyword))

EDIT: Oh, I see that you are not, but this might be useful anyways.

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