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I am new to C#

I have a struct like

struct Package
Public int[] intvalues;
Public char[] charvalues;
Public string strvalue;

Now I have a string

string strquery;

I want to take the value of intvalues of the Package whose name is strquery.

As far as I tried, this didnt work


Please help

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That code makes no sense at all, perhaps you should give us a little more background info. – Ed S. Nov 6 '09 at 20:35
I'm assuming you have a collection of Package structures stored in some container; the question you are asking actually applies to the container, not the Package structure. – qid Nov 6 '09 at 20:37
As far as I can tell, structs are really only provided for backwards compatiblity/friendliness to other languages such as C. Use classes instead. – David Lively Nov 6 '09 at 20:54
Well we're certainly trying our best here to pinpoint the exact nature of the question, considering all the various answers. – John K Nov 6 '09 at 21:50
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Well, you can't do anything like that. Because for a string isn't defined any explicit casting operator such as your struct Package.

Also, the strquery.strvalue is completely wrong, as the string doesn't have such a field.

You can try what Phaedrus said.

From what you've said until now I think you are doing something like this:

List<Package> listOfPackages =new List<Package>();
// You fill up here the list
foreach (Package pkg in listOfPackages)
   if (pkg.strvalue == strquery)
       Console.WriteLine("found a package with items:");
       // write the pkg.intvalues
       for(int i=0;i<pkg.intvalues.Length;i++)
       Console.WriteLine(" ");
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First, please clarify your code since it doesn't make any sense.

Second, ask yourself why are you using a struct? are you certain you need a struct? and not a class? look at other questions on StackOverflow that get into that topic.



Is not valid code. strquery is a string and cannot be casted into Package struct. These are not objects related to each other at any level. (except that they both derive from object class)

Fourth if I were to assume you have a collection of Package based on your "question"

I want to take the value of intvalues of the Package whose name is strquery.

You want something like this

int[] foundValues;
foreach(Package pack in packageCollection)
   if( pack.strvalue == strquery)
         foundValues = pack.intvalues;
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You cant cast a string type to a package type. To get the value of the strvalue you need to create a Package struct object first.

Package package = new Package();
string value = package.strvalue;
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If I understand the question it appears you are need a dictionary of sorts where and int value would be associated with a key. If you changed your struct to look like this:

class Package // I would recommend using a class
    Public Dictionary<string, int> intValues;

then you could "query" the int value that had the correct key like this...

var strQuery = "intA";
var pakage = new Package()
pakage.intValues = new Dictionary<string, int>()
   new KeyValuePair<string, int>("intA", 0),
   new KeyValuePair<string, int>("intB", 0),
   new KeyValuePiar<string, int>("intC", 9),

var result = pakage.inValues[strQuery];

But this really is just enumerating a collection to find a value based on a key and your question could really use some clarification. Why don't you post what your trying to do without trying to suggest what code to use...

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It appears as though you might be trying to parse a String using your Package struct. If so then you might try something like this by converting your structure to encapsulate and manipulate a string.

struct Package {
    public Package(string str) { //constructor
        strvalue = str;
    public int[] Get_intvalues() { // method version
        // Convert stvalue into int array and return it.
        return new[] {1,2,3}; //example
    public char[] Get_charvalues() { // method version
        return strvalue.ToCharArray();
    public string strvalue; // string to work upon

This would allow you to use your Package struct with a string like so:

string str = "this is a test";
Package pkg = new Package(str);
pkg.Get_intvalues(); //etc.
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