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I am working with a master slave redis replication setup with redis version 2.4.15-1. I am testing to manually update the setting of one of the slaves to upgrade it to a master once the original master goes down. But from the client, I keep getting the following:

redis server:6381> CONFIG SET SLAVEOF "NO ONE" (error) ERR Unsupported CONFIG parameter: SLAVEOF

Would I necessarily need to restart redis-server to do this? I assumed otherwise based on http://redis.io/topics/admin.

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SLAVEOF is a command itself, not a config variable. You can make your server a slave of another server by running this on your slave:

SLAVEOF my.host.com 1234

(Where my.host.com is the server host and 1234 is your server port.)

If your master instance has a password, you'll need to set the MASTERAUTH config variable:

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What should be the SLAVEOF setting for the master; NO ONE, or leave it commented out? –  raffian Oct 4 at 18:45
You'll want to set it to "NO ONE" to make a server a master server. –  Tyson Oct 13 at 13:45

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