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I have an angularjs properties that contain a float that I display like this :


The display is : 45,4564
How to display 45,45 without have a function that destroy the binding ?

Does the method working for {{fraisDeDep.kilometre * fraisDeDep.indemniteKilometre *fraisDeDep.allerretour}} ?

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You can use the built-in number filter for this:

<div>{{fraisDeDep.kilometre | number:2}}</div>

The default fractionSize is 2, so you can also leave it off in this case:

<div>{{fraisDeDep.kilometre | number}}</div>
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Is there a way to format as a float when it's binded to an input element? –  Vincent Jan 21 '14 at 15:15

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