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Is there a way to tell closure compiler to preserve a comment just in the place it is. I tried using @preserve, but it moves the comment to the top of the file.

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No - that's not supported (except in WHITESPACE_ONLY mode).

The compiler should preserve the order of JSDoc comments which are marked with either @preserve or @license, but they are moved to the top of the file.

In general, comments are for human readability. Closure-compiler optimizes for code size and execution.

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I can't even accomplish that in WHITESPACE_ONLY mode –  gztomas Jun 5 '13 at 19:34
"comments are for human readability"? What about IE's conditional compilation comments, source maps comments and all the other kinds of comments one would like to keep? –  polkovnikov.ph May 3 at 1:37
IE Conditional Comments: github.com/google/closure-compiler/wiki/… Source map comments are best handled as a post-build step. –  Chad Killingsworth May 5 at 21:32
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though not as pretty, you can use labels on just about any block to survive all known packers, minifiers, and as you mentioned, closure:

for example:

function cstr()     {return arguments[0].toString()}
function val()      {return parseFloat(arguments[0])}

_:"simulate an API call, returning a number between 0 and 1";
function getInfo(){
  return Math.random();

function cint()     {return parseInt(arguments[0])}
function rnd()      {return Math.random()}

return getInfo;

which closure turns into:

(function(){"simulate an API call, returning a number between 0 and 1";return function(){return Math.random()}})();
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